Using the highest quality bonded fabric in superior jackets, versatile enterprises is proud to have its own range of jackets and active wears, moulded in the name of on-versĀ®.

The power of Bonded Jacket is an indicator of

Warmth-to-weight ratio, critical to retain warmth provide comforting & a stylish look.

Bonded jacket with membrane/water resistant
Cotton, acrylic, acrowool sweaters
Fleece jackets
Soft Shell Jackets
Active wear clothing


The perfect combination of high-performance bonding with polyester and fleece, this technology combines ultra-fine and multi-diameter fibres for specific performance characteristics. The specially treated ultra-fine fibres help form a, wind resistant insulating structure, while the looks help to maintain the standard and style of the jackets.


Superior Warmth and Comfort
Lightweight Bonding with Polyester
Total Wind protection
Maximum Breathability
Soft and Lightweight
Ideal for Cold and Windy Conditions
Enhances Warmth and Comfort
Most effective moisture management